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Jan Jadczyszyn
Anna Nieróbca
Piotr Fogel
Magdalena Łysiak
Urszula Wójtowicz


The work was based on the results of surveys on multifunctional rural development implemented in 2018/2019 and covering a wide range of questions about the economic, social and planning sphere. The survey was addressed to local authorities (mayors, commune administrators) of rural and urban-rural communes. In the study, multifunctional rural development was analyzed within the functional type of the commune expressing the character of the commune and the specificity of its current development in the context of current demographic trends. The article assesses the demographic situation in communes. Research has shown the intensive process of depopulation the most of rural areas and a large spatial diversity of this phenomenon in relation to provinces. The evaluation showed that rural areas within urban-rural communes are more depopulated compared to rural communes. Analyzing the process of depopulation by functional types, it was found that the largest percentage of communes maintaining a negative population balance is concentrated in typically agricultural, located at the border and forestry communes.

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Jadczyszyn, J., Nieróbca, A., Fogel, P., Łysiak, M. and Wójtowicz, U. 2020. DEMOGRAPHIC TRENDS IN RURAL AREAS IN POLAND TAKING INTO ACCOUNT THE FUNCTIONAL TYPES OF COMMUNES (SURVEY RESEARCH). Polish Journal of Agronomy. 42, 42 (Nov. 2020), 14–23. DOI: