Anna Wirkijowska
Aldona Sobota
Piotr Zarzycki
Emilia Sykut-Domańska
Dorota Teterycz


Nowadays, interest of consumers in nutrition aspect of daily eaten foods arose; therefore, there is a demand for bakery products with a high dietary fibre content. The objective of the study was to determine the effect of an addition of wholemeal husked and naked barley with varied content of dietary fibre on the bread quality. The bread produced was examined for bread yield, total oven loss, volume of 100 g of the bread and the mois-ture of fresh crumb, and also consumer sensory assessment was performed. Analysis of the content of β-D-glucans, total dietary fibre with division into the soluble and insoluble fractions was made. The addition of barley wholemeal, at the rate of 7.5%, al-lows a significantly higher content of dietary fibre fractions to be obtained, compared to the control bread, with sensory qual-ity characteristic of wheat bread. At the same time, barley com-ponent caused a small reduction of baking loss and increased of crumb moisture, compared to the wheat bread. It was dem-onstrated that wholemeal barley flour can be a highly valuable component enhancing the quality and nutritional value of white bread.


Jak cytować
Wirkijowska, A., Sobota, A., Zarzycki, P., Sykut-Domańska, E. i Teterycz, D. 2018. Effect of addition of barley wholemeal with different dietary fibre content on wheat bread quality. Polish Journal of Agronomy. 34, 34 (wrz. 2018), 44–51. DOI:https://doi.org/10.26114/pja.iung.360.2018.34.05.