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Franciszek Woch
Jacek Pijanowski
Tadeusz Kuryłowicz


So far, management of rural space has been done by implementing individual elements separately. Separate land consolidation, separate afforestation of post-agricultural land, land drainage projects with the construction of local water reservoirs, environmental protection tasks, village renewal, etc. In the so-called „ old European Union”, these tasks have been carried out for many years comprehensively, as an all-inclusive arrangement of rural areas. Currently, on the initiative and in substantive cooperation of the Society for Rural Development, the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation – State Research Institute, the Agricultural University in Krakow and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the organizational and legal basis for managing the rural space is compiled in a comprehensive manner for the next programming period of the European Union, ie from 2021. From the findings so far, it appears that it is necessary to introduce procedures for comprehensive management of rural areas instead of land consolidation into the practice of Offices of Geodesy and Agricultural Areas. It would cover broad measures enabling sustainable spatial and structural development of rural communes and solving locally occurring problems. The Act on land consolidation and exchange should be urgently replaced by the Act on comprehensive land consolidation, to drive rural development until 2020 only to be replaced, in 2021 by a new law on arranging rural areas. New funds will be needed to implement the activities within the new legal and organizational framework. Calculated per unit of area, they should be raised at least by half compared to the total expenditure for the same actions under the RDP of 2014-2020.

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Woch, F., Pijanowski, J. and Kuryłowicz, T. 2018. A NEW APPROACH TO MANAGEMENT OF RURAL SPACE IN POLAND. Polish Journal of Agronomy. 33, 33 (Jun. 2018), 16–32. DOI: