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Adam Harasim


The paper presents the intensity of plant protection in cattle, pigs, mixed and crop farms (with no livestock). The data was collected in 2016-2018 in 48 private farms located in the macroregion of Mazovia and Podlasie. Information on farms and plant protection on arable lands was obtained using a research questionnaire. The intensity of plant protection depended on the type of farm. The cattle farms had the lowest area of arable lands and area of crops protected with plant protection products (PPPs), large number of cultivated crop species as well as the lowest intensity of plant protection (the lowest number of protective treatments and pesticide costs). Crop farms had the greatest surface of arable lands and area of crops protected with PPPs, small number of cultivated crop species and the greatest intensity of plant protection. Area of arable lands and crops protected with PPPs, as well as intensity of plant protection was on similar, average level both in mixed and pig farms. Sugar beet and oilseed rape had the greatest, 1,5-2-times higher number of protective treatments than cereals. Winter wheat had the highest number of protective treatments among all cereals.

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Harasim, A. 2019. PLANT PROTECTION INTENSITY IN VARIOUS TYPES OF FARMS. Polish Journal of Agronomy. 39, 39 (Dec. 2019), 3–9. DOI: